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Apple Pay warning: Storing your partner’s fingerprints is like ‘giving away your Pin’

Banks warn users of Apple’s Touch ID that storing partners’ or spouses’ fingerprints will be seen as ‘you failing to keep your details safe’

Banks have warned customers that if they store other people’s fingerprints on their iPhones they will be treated as if they have failed to keep their personal details safe.

This means the bank can decline to refund disputed transactions or to help where customers claim they have been victims of fraud.

Extract from the Ts & Cs applying to debit and credit card customers of First Direct. The same terms apply to customers of HSBC

The banks’ position, typically buried in the detail of bank account Ts & Cs, could trip up spouses, couples, parents and children, for example, where multiple fingerprints have been stored on a phone in order for it to be used by other family members.

This is because Touch ID – Apple’s process of storing encrypted finger prints – works to unlock phones, as well to authorise payments through Apple Pay.

It comes as growing numbers of consumers embrace Apple Pay to make payments at shops, bars, restaurants and on public transport.

The Apple Pay system was launched in Britain in July.

• Apple Pay: everything you need to know

When the phone is near the payment point, the user’s bank card – which has been previously set up in Apple’s electronic “wallet” – flashes up on the phone screen. The user then authorises the payment by placing his or her registered finger on the phone’s scanner.

The process takes seconds, or even less, and is thought to be highly secure, as payments will only be made where a fingerprint has been scanned and verified.

Most models of iPhone carrying the Touch ID facility allow up to 10 prints to be stored, meaning users have plenty of opportunity to register family members’ prints on their device.

But banks are effectively warning customers that if they want to use Apple Pay, other people’s prints need to be deleted.

Santander, NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland customers were the first to be able to use their accounts with Apple Pay, with HSBC and First Direct joining later July, the month the system first became available.

Lloyds, Halifax and Bank of Scotland customers were able to use the service from September.

Barclays, which was the only major UK bank not to partner with Apple Pay, has since announced a collaboration is coming “in the future”.

Lloyds Bank said: “If Touch ID is available on your device, you must ensure you only register your own fingerprints (and not anyone else’s).”

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Apple patents Apple TV remote with Touch ID

Apple has been granted a patent for an Apple TV remote with inbuilt Touch ID sensor, allowing users to use their biometric data to enter TV passwords, created personalised profiles or controlling connected devices.

The patent, filed in January 2014, explores how biometric information collected through fingerprint sensors could be harnessed to personalise user profiles and acess accounts without the need for ‘annoying and/or burdensome’ logins.

Data could also be supplied through retinal or facila images, palm, toe or hand prints, voice samples and gesture patterns, according to the filing.

Apple introduced Touch ID fingerprint scanning with the iPhone 5s, which used a fingerprint scanner implemented into the circular home button to unlock the phone and make iTunes purchases through identity verification. The technology has since been extended to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. More recently Touch ID has been utilised to verifypurchases made through Apple Pay, including TfL journeys.

The company recently announced that Apple TV would serve as a hub forHomeKit-enabled devices, Apple’s platform for connected products. Integrating a Touch ID sensor into a remote would make switching between user profiles a swifter process than inputting login details manually, and allow only certain users to access content, such as 18-rated films or similar.

Biometric identification could also lead to suggested videos, songs, films, TV shows and adverts based on prior watching habits of the user. The TV could, the filing states, configure itself to address users individually, such as “Hello Fred, shall we set me up for you?”

Apple TV was launched in 2007, and is now in its third generation. The company is rumoured to be launching its own online TV service, in association with US broadcasters including ABC, CBS and Fox. Applestruck a deal with HBO to secure early streaming access for the latest series of Game of Thrones back in March.

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