Blogging tutorials

As I was requested to do, I want to make a tutorial for you, guys, about how to make a simple blog for any kind of content.

This content could be about : 

  • personal thoughts
  • tutorials
  • news
  • music
  • movies
  • reviews
  • programming
  • art
  • pictures

            And of course, many others. Now let me tell you what a blogger is: a blogger is… um.. that person that has a very good imagination, or a person that knows a lot of unusual things about something usual, or… a person that wants to show to the entire world what he or she knows to do, or… you get it. If you’re one of these persons, then you should become a blogger.

            Now, there are a lot of blogging platforms, but I pretend that I know only two: and 
            To be honest, first of all I started with, because it’s a lot easier to use and more friendly with the user. After a year, I move all of my contents and posts to wordpress, because on wordpress… I don’t know… I think it’s better, and there you’ve got a lot of cool themes for your blog/website, and many other features. On the other hand, platform has a better integration with google AdSense, so I highly recommend to you, if you want to get some serious cash from your blog. In what concerns me, I use wordpress, because I don’t want to make serious money with my sharings (for the moment, I don’t make any money. At all.).
            And that’s my opinion about these two big blogging platforms. Now, time to get to know how to use them. For documentation, check this link: (your browser will download a .pdf document about all you have to do, to get a blogger website), or if you want to start your activity with wordpress, and be though, well.. check this link:
            Good luck!

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