Uber launches new app for drivers

The redesigned app gives drivers more incentive to pick up passengers and tips to make more money

Uber has launched a newly redesigned app – for its drivers, rather than its riders. The revamped app allows drivers to grow and manage their business more easily.

New features include a personalised newsfeed with notes from the Uber team in your local city – whether that’s Strasbourg, France or Seoul, South Korea – information on all recent rides, tips for how to maximise the money you earn and your ratings.

The app also has 4 icons: the always-on home icon provides heat maps of areas where you are likely to pick up your next passenger, even in times of low demand; the earnings icon breaks down driver income by highlighting your final take-home pay; the ratings icon allows drivers to track ratings and comments from riders over a period of time. Finally, an account icon allows drivers to manage their accounts from inside the app – this previously required logging onto a computer.

The six-year-old on-demand minicab company has more than 4,500 employees in 61 countries and is currently worth more than £32.6 billion ($50 billion). This meant testing the app in several international markets where English wasn’t always the drivers’ first language. According to Wired magazine, the Uber team began piloting the new app in Phoenix, Arizona and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia at the start of the summer.

The changes are designed to help drivers make extra income by leveraging the data available through Uber, and as the changes are rolled out to drivers worldwide over the next few weeks, this should mean more timely trips home for riders.

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