iPhone 6s owners are seeing their new phones randomly turning off

Apple’s new phones shut down without warning, requiring a hard reset, according to internet users

Owners of the iPhone 6s are reporting their new devices turning off at random, even if they are fully charged.

The issue, which has been reported by dozens of users on Apple forumsand Reddit, sees the iPhone switch off completely. When this happens, the phone requires a “hard reset” – holding down the power and home button for 10 seconds – for it to restart.

While most of the phones affected appear to be the new 6s and 6s Plus, some older models of iPhone are also being affected, according to users of the MacRumors forums.

This suggests it may be a software bug, with users of iOS 9.0.1 – an update to iOS 9 that was released last week – appearing to be most affected.

The new iPhone 6s goes on sale at Apple Stores around the world

Apple released its latest update, iOS 9.0.2, released two days ago, and itcontained a number of fixes, including one for a bug that allowed anyone to bypass the lock screen to access photos and contacts.

However, iPhones turning off was not mentioned in the list of fixes that Apple gave, so even those who have updated to the latest software may have been affected, and many users will not have updated their operating system.

The Telegraph has requested comment from Apple.

“The only way the phone would turn on was when I held the power and home button together for like 10 seconds. When the phone came to life, it had 100 per cent battery and everything else seemed normal,” one userwrote on Reddit.

Others reported that their home button would be unusually hot when they turned it back on.

A list of reported cases collated by MacRumors users found 50 incidents, the vast majority of which were issues with the iPhone 6s or 6s Plus. Most have only noticed one incident, and many were running beta versions of the software, but some reported repeated incidents.

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus went on sale last week, and Apple said it had seen record opening weekend sales of the phones, with some 13 million sold.

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