Software tycoon John McAfee is running for president

John McAfee, antivirus software pioneer and one-time focus of the most bizarre fugitive story in the world, appears to be running for president of these United States. After alluding to a possible run earlier in the day, it seems McAfee has filed paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission to make the bid official, and even launched a McAfee 2016 website.

Although it was possible a prankster filed the FEC forms — McAfee certainly didn’t seem set on a run when he spoke with Wired today The Hill reported that it was able to independently confirm the paperwork’s authenticity by reaching someone through McAfee’s personal website. McAfee now seems to have confirmed the news himself by teasing the website and a setting an announcement for tomorrow:

McAfee suggested to Wired that a McAfee 2016 run would focus on a computer-literate administration backing strong encryption, although questions about McAfee’s background might distract over his policy ideas.

According to the filing, McAfee is “founding a new party yet to be announced.”

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