Vine can now put perfectly looping music over your videos

Vine is getting into music. With an update rolling out Friday, Vine will begin letting its users add music to their videos. The music will be selected and licensed by Vine — it’s not yet clear whether you’ll be able to dig into your private library to put “Bad Blood” over everything. Instead, after shooting a video, you’ll be able to look through a selection of tracks that Vine has picked out. You can place a song over your clip however you’d like, but Vine is hoping that you’ll use a feature it’s made called “Snap to Beat,” which will trim the music and video to the audio loop as perfectly as possible.

Avicii, Migos, and Odesza are among the first artists who will be included in Vine’s “Featured Tracks.” Vine is also pitching this as a way to discover new music. When a Vine video includes one of those tracks, a music note will appear beside it that you can tap to get information on the song and artist. Artists will also be able to include a link to wherever they choose, be it a social media profile, a website, or a music store, so that you can find out more about them. I’m not convinced that it’ll be an amazing way to sell songs, but it should definitely make for more pleasantly loopable Vines.

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