Man 3-D Prints World’s Smallest Circular Saw – And It Works

What would you do if you were shrunk down to the size of a mouse and asked to do carpentry? It’s probably not a situation you’ve ever considered, but one man from New Zealand is making a set of tools for just this situation — or perhaps it’s just for fun. Having created the world’s smallest power drill a few months ago, Lance Abernethy has now created the world’s smallest circular saw.

It was designed piece by piece in a computer modeling program, then brought to life using an Ultimaker 2 3-D printer. Powered by a hearing aid battery, the sawblade spins when you press a button, though for now it can’t actually cut anything except air. That should change in the next version, though. There’s even a little case to put it in.

Abernethy told that he’d like to make an entire set of power tools like the full-size ones in his garage, and eventually put the designs online for others to download and print themselves.

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