Make Mobile Payments Using Your Voice

In the quest to make mobile payments easier, a Dutch bank trials a new way of authorising digital payments.

A Dutch bank has started allowing mobile banking customers to log in and pay for items using their voice.

Voice-activated payments have been launched on the ING Netherlands mobile banking app, offering a simple alternative to entering a pin or password.

Users simply have to say a short phrase, and the app will match up the sound recording to a file stored on the phone.

The shape of vocal cavities and the way someone moves their mouth means that speech can be more unique than a fingerprint, it is claimed.

Fraudulent attempts to access the app can be recorded, stored and used to improve security.

And while the technology is new for mobile banking, it is used widely on bank phone systems to reduce fraud.

The Associated Press reported last year that US government departments even use it when people call to deal with tax and pension issues.

A biometrics company called Nuance is providing the speech-recognition technology for ING Netherlands.

The system launched on Tuesday, and is available on iOS and Android phones.

Making digital payments easier is a big focus of banks and financial services providers.

Apple recently launched fingerprint-activated Apple Pay in the UK, while others have experimented with wristbands which measure heartbeat.

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